Mother Love

This is for my mom … 

my mom who taught me how to see with compassionate eyes.

my mom who taught me how to listen with an open heart.

my mom who taught me how to hug often and with a loving touch.

my mom who taught me how to taste the flavors of the world and marvel at the diversity.

my mom who taught me how stop and yes, smell the flowers … because beauty is all around us.

What is motherhood?  Motherhood is sharing ourselves intuitively with our children, wholly giving of ourselves … but yet balancing peace and light within so we can keep the stores of love nourished and abundant in our hearts.  Motherhood is smiling a knowing smile of recognition when we see ourselves in our children.  We feel love course through our veins when we look upon our nest and know our nurturing has made a difference.

Motherhood is nodding in solidarity to a new mom strolling with her newborn down the street.  You know that new mom.  You’ve been that new mom.  Motherhood is smiling at her and letting her know she’s alright!

Motherhood is modeling the kind of strong, compassionate woman you want your children to honor.  It’s about teaching sons to love and respect women and teaching daughters to rise up and excel beyond limits.

Motherhood is wearing your heart on the outside as the expression goes.  It’s  holding your breath and believing in the potential of every child!  Holding your breath until you die … at the ripe old age of 95 … because you have work to do, you have children to raise and see through to adulthood, and grandbabies to hug and smell and laugh with and cuddle.

Holding our breath with love, standing on our tippy toes waiting to leap into every new milestone … with a faith that the net will be there as we float blindly into strange new territory.  With love and fear and overwhelming mama bear urges we usher our children safely … usher them safely .. over every threshold; infancy, toddlerhood, preschooler, kid, teen, young adult, independent, strong adult, jobs, relationships … love, sorrow, anger, triumph, pride, danger, joy, peace  …

My mother still holds her breath and has faith and takes a leap every now and again watching my brother and myself.  I know she does, still, even as my brother and I hit our mid-40’s!  And I feel so very, very blessed knowing she’s out there, faithfully, with open heart and bated breath waiting to hear just about anything we want to share with her!

Happy Mother’s Day … to my mother, and to every mother, everywhere!

Peace ~


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