All Hail Exclusively Pumping Mom!

Feeding our babies should not be part of any conflict that exists out there in mommy-land.  We all make the best and right choices for our little ones.  Often what we learn about ourselves, and the choices we make with our firstborn will guide and influence how we approach our next born.   I welcome and support all moms, and the choices we face.  A particular group I’m choosing to champion today is the exclusively pumping mom who keeps her baby in breastmilk for as long as possible. Those moms who every 2 – 4 hours hook themselves up to a machine, and/or hand expresses beautiful, beneficial breastmilk.  That mom who returns to work early with minimal maternity leave and never quite got off to a good start with latching well.  That mom who like clockwork wakes still at 5am to get that quiet pumping session in before the rest of the house wakes up.  That mom who for reasons of her own chooses to bottle feed …. working moms, SAHM, any mom – you go girl!!


Jane and 5 ounces of her beautiful breastmilk

Today I am going to highlight and applaud my good friend and work colleague, Jane.  I’ve known Jane for many years from Dr. Zatz’ office where I work.  In this photo she is holding some of her newly pumped breastmilk which she brings home each day to her boy.  She is 11 months into exclusively pumping and, as she nears the one year mark, I want to shout out and congratulate her.

Jane had a tough time with her first born, and breastfeeding was not successful. This time around though with her little guy, she and I discussed strategies and goals to be successful early on.  We laid out choices and options, knowing ahead of time – what her maternity leave was going to be like, how to juggle an older child, a busy house, her husband who want to support her in whatever she wanted to do.  Jane knew her maternity leave was not very long, so we devoted our conversation and goal setting time to having her be a strong, exclusively pumping mom.  This allowed her to be the best mom she could be – happy, confident, healthy, working full time and meeting the needs of her family and children super successfully.  

After 10 weeks of maternity leave Jane returned to work and took it day by day, week by week and set herself up for success. She’s now a month away from the one year mark and continues to pump beautiful abundant breastmilk.

I’m so proud Jane. Keeping her boy in beautiful breastmilk for as long as she has. And the added bonus here is what a strong advocate and voice she has become for working and pumping moms.

If you’re in our area, and/or are a patient of Dr. Zatz – talk to Jane about being a pumping and working mom.  She’s such a pro now, and has so much good advice. Reach out to us here and let us help you strategize returning to work and pumping for success.  It can be done.  And congrats to all you moms out there, who, for whatever reason, are exclusively pumping moms! 




  One thought on “All Hail Exclusively Pumping Mom!

  1. Lauren
    April 19, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    Thank you for this article! I am among the moms you are celebrating here,and it feels really good to be supported and congratulated for all my hard work. Work that all too often I feel gets overlooked or underestimated. I personally made the hard decision to exclusively pump after my toothy little guy started biting me right around the 6 month mark. I went thru every possible solution I could find before turning to the pump, because I was one of those gung-ho “breast is best” advocates, and I truly felt like giving up the nursing equaled failure. Finally tho, after countless nursing sessions that left me in tears, daily nipple baths in epsom salt and my first bottle of expressed milk that resembled highly concentrated strawberry milk …I realized that I was being silly, my poor nipples were all but hanging off at this point (not really, but Im actually not exaggerating as much as you might think) and I had a hungry boy on my hands so I had to do what I had to do! Within a week the pain from the pumps suction subsided and my nipples were back to normal in about a month. Luckily the transition didnt phase my son and he took to the bottle like a champ….I think he relished the fact that he could stop and take a chomp every now and then to soothe his swollen gums without hearing Mommy howl in pain and yank him off the boob! He is about to turn 10 months tomorrow and I’m proud to say were still going strong. I pump 3-4 times a day and once in the middle of the night…I also have a manual pump I keep in the diaper bag for days when we r out and about for long periods of time. Pumping just works for us and it has become a way of life, just like the nursing was previously. When people ask if I breastfeed I say yes, and leave it at that now, because I’ve gotten negative reactions from some well meaning family and friends when I’ve tried to explain why we EP, but thanks to this article I’m not going to cover up the fact anymore. Yes I breastfeed my son, he gets my breast milk from his beloved ba-ba and we both wouldn’t want it any other way♡

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