Local Breastfeeding & Newborn Support Is HERE, Just About Every Week in 2015!

Breastfeeding Mother-Baby Support – through La Leche League and The Breastfeeding Cafe, Lenora and Deirdre bring their expertise and wisdom locally to you thoughout the month. The 2nd Wednesday and the LAST Friday of every month join us in our homes for support and Breastfeeding Cafe style relaxation and sisterhood.  The tea will be waiting for you!  Scales will be available to do “before and after feed” weigh-ins.

Topics of discussion may include ….

  •  Normal Feeding Cues of Your Newborn. What to expect in the first days and weeks
  • Fussy Baby Blues. You never expected it to be this challenging … yet normal
  • Sleep! Co-sleeping, bedtime and naps. Find a breastfeeding rhythm that works for you
  • Milk, is it enough? Understanding supply and meeting the needs of a growing baby
  • Baby wearing & Infant Massage.  Comfort & bonding your breastfeeding baby
  • A Growing Baby. Returning to work, pumping, solid foods, thinking about weaning, toddler nursing


La Leche League Meetings – La Leche League meetings, group activities and schedule changes are also listed on the LLL Clarkstown FB Page and through our Meet Up page. Toddler Meetings are coming in the New Year too!


Prenatal Breastfeeding & Newborn Class

Pregnant?  Wondering what this new bundle of joy will bring in the first few weeks? We highly recommend this “basics” class to help you prepare for your first weeks home with baby.

  • What to expect in the first days after your birth
  • Navigating family, friends and loved ones who want to visit
  • The importance of skin to skin and bonding through contact
  • The 4th Trimester concept
  • Doula Care options

Registration required. Locations vary, message for details

First Monday of Every Month 7pm – 9pm  $75 per couple 


Whole Baby Newborn Care Class

An holistic newborn care class that will help any new parent feel confident in providing the best, nurturing and intuitive care they can:

  • The Emerging Newborn, coming into being
  • Normal Newborn Cues – trusting in their newness (spit up, cradle cap, baby acne, crying, gassy, fussy, ”colic” and all)
  • Sleep – what a baby needs versus what you may want
  • Infant soothing strategies in the “Fourth Trimester”, The 5 S’s
  • Basic Diapering, Bathing, Baby Care – how and when
  • Self Care, New Mom, Post birth recovery
  • Relationships (partner, family, friends) & Managing your support team (doula care)
  • List of resources provided

Registration required. Locations vary, message for details

We welcome both expectant couples or parents with a 0 – 6 wk old to this class.

January 12, February 9, or March 16, 2015   7pm – 9pm  $55 per couple

($45 if coming solo)


Pumping 101

Are you returning to work?  Are you looking for moments away from your baby and would like to offer a bottle of expressed milk?  Thinking about exclusively pumping to keep baby in breastmilk for as long as possible?  Topics include:

  • Tips for going back to work
  • Most insurance covers pumps
  • How to pick a pump; how to pump and store breast milk
  • Maintaining milk supply
  • Preparing stored milk and understanding bottle feeding strategies to support continued breastfeeding
  • Working with childcare providers who will be bottle feeding your baby while you’re away
  • Understanding your pumping rights at work and how to pump while there
  • Bring your pump if you like!

Registration required.  Locations vary, message for details

Third Tuesday of every month   7pm – 9pm  $45 per person


Don’t Panic, It’s Just Food – Solid Food Intro

How and when to introduce solid food, when to breastfeed around it and what kinds of foods are best can seem overwhelming.  This fun intro class will help you sort it all out, and point you in the right direction so you can have fun offering solids at an age appropriate time, and not stress about it, all while protecting and keeping breastfeeding going smoothly.

Locations vary, message for details or see Nettle & Hive for more info as we are holding monthly classes there this spring.  Great shop, great people, great class for any parent looking for calm, relaxed, practical class to help take the mystery and stress out of solid foods.



As expectant and new parents you have many questions, and even busier lives!  We get that. So we’ve designed a class just for you.  Timing and scheduling of group classes may not work, so we’re happy to create private instruction in your home, or even Skype and Google Chat. 

Let us know your timing and we’ll put our schedules together to make it work.  

Call, tweet, text, message us with whatever it is you need.


Further Classes for private instruction in your home

Childbirth Education
Lamaze & Birthing From Within instruction to provide you with a strong and supportive foundation to head into childbirth.  Classes average about 6 hours total instruction.  Two consecutive evenings or a weekend intensive.

“The Doula Way”
Thinking a doula may not be for you? This 2 hour workshop is all about comfort measures for labor and childbirth. Great for expectant partners who may want a little extra support for what to do before the big day.


For more information, please send us a message.