Lactation Consulting

Why do I need a lactation consultant?
Good question.  In our busy 21st century life finding family and girlfriends to share their experience and support of breastfeeding with you can be a challenge. And even though breastfeeding is a natural act – for many women it does not always come easy. Problems may arise and having a skilled professional come to your home can make all the difference in getting off to a good start.


Why come to my home?

DSC_0245 Because you just had a baby and the most comfortable place for both you and baby to be is in the familiar setting of your own home. We use your chairs, couches, pillows and setting to make sure you are set up to nurse comfortably and successfully.


What does a visit entail?
At each visit you can expect about 1.5 – 2 hours of time together where we make sure that everything is optimally set up for your success. Our initial visit involves physical exam of both mother and baby as pertains to breastfeeding, discussion of milk supply and breastfeeding basics, review of pregnancy and birth history. We also check baby’s suckling ability, mouth structures, head and neck features, and move on to observe a feeding. Most of the time baby cooperates for this and latches on so we can work with improving and problem solving any difficulties you may be having. By the end of the visit we have laid out realistic goals and a plan for healing, improvement and success.


What is an IBCLC exactly?
They say it best here. Spending the money on an IBCLC now can help you maintain a long and healthy breastfeeding relationship. The known medical benefits of breastfeeding, to both mother and baby, make hiring an IBCLC to help you succeed well worth it.


Can we do visits at our pediatrician?
Yes and no.  Both Lenora and Deirdre work part time at two local pediatric offices, Orangetown Peds and Dr. Zatz in Nyack. If you are patients of their offices you can schedule an appointment through their offices and all you would pay is a co-pay.  Often women will do an initial visit in the privacy of your home and then do any necessary follow ups and weight checks at the doctor’s office, scheduled around your baby’s doctor visit.


What are some reasons to hire an IBCLC?

  • An early visit to assure getting off to a good start, proper position and latch
  • Inadequate weight gain, struggling to transfer milk from breast to baby, milk supply issues (low milk supply, over abundance)
  • Latching difficulties, pain, cracked nipples, plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, thrush
  • Breastfeeding a baby with medical issues
  • Challenges with maintaining your milk supply, low milk supply, over supply
  • Returning to work, using breast pumps and bottles
  • Breastfeeding after breast surgery
  • Breastfeeding multiples, tandem
  • Any other breastfeeding challenge or concern


Does insurance pay for an IBCLC home visit?
At the current time Lenora and Deirdre do not accept insurance. Most IBCLC do not participate with insurance companies. The credential has not been supported in that regard. But it is changing, and more and more you will see coverage. We are in the process of registering with Aetna – which is one of the first (and few) companies to support independent IBCLC care by accepting the credential as an in network provider. We will keep you posted as hopefully more insurance companies will follow suit.

The difference between a Private Practice IBCLC and an IBCLC who works in a medical facility, or who is also an MD or Nurse Practitioner, is that through those credentials they can be insurance aligned. The fee to you is only a co pay.  If you are a patient at Dr. Zatz or Orangtown Pediatrics, this is the arrangement for Deirdre and Lenora as staff of these two offices. Both accept new patients.

For our private home visit practice we continue to use the model of “fee for service” – we are paid up front, and you follow up with your insurance company re: coverage.  Most insurance companies do reimburse for this service, so it is advised to call your insurance company to discuss. At the end of our visit we accept cash, check or PayPal. We provide you with a “super bill” to submit to your healthcare insurance company for reimbursement.



  • Initial IBCLC Consult in your home:  $185.00
  • Follow up visits in your home (if necessary):  $95
  • A block of 4 hours – A confidence boosting longer visit for support during multiple feeds: $395
  • Phone Consultations: First 10 minutes free, then $25 every 15 minutes.
  • Private Prenatal Class: Breastfeeding & Newborn class while pregnant, in your home. $95

(Add $40 for New York City consults for tolls, gas, and parking.)


For more information, please send us a message.